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Volume 3 Issue 4 2018






GIA India will launch the GIA Diamond Origin Report at the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) from 8-12 August at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. The GIA Diamond Origin Report confirms the country of origin of a polished diamond and includes a full assessment of the diamond's 4Cs along with a plotted diagram of its clarity characteristics, and a report number laser inscription. To learn   ...  more
GIA Upgrades iD100 Gem Testing Device to Screen Pink Diamonds
GIA (Gemological Institute of America) released a software upgrade on Sept. 4 for the industry-leading GIA iD100® gem testing device, giving the instrument the ability to distinguish natural pink diamonds from laboratory-grown (HPHT and CVD) diamonds and diamond simulants. The GIA iD100 Pink Diamond Software Upgrade leverages advanced spectroscopic technology, combined with GIA's   ...  more
Diamond Research Gives Clues to the Formation of the Continents
Diamonds, long prized for their beauty and rarity, continue to reveal clues about the early history of our planet. To better understand how the most ancient continents came to be, researchers examined tiny mineral remnants trapped in diamonds during the formation of the earth. The results were published today in Science magazine, in the article Sulfur Isotopes in Diamonds Reveal Differences in Continent Construction by   ...  more