Focuses On Critical Role Of Design In Driving Jewellery Sales

The critical role of design in the global jewellery industry was at the heart of two panel discussions at the 2nd edition of the New Jeweller Middle East Jewellery Designers Forum held at VOD Dubai International Show. The event was held to illustrate the vast wealth of jewellery designs being created by designers in the region that is not only prominent and high in demand in the GCC and Middle Eastern region, but also in high demand across the globe.

The first panel titled "Jewellery designs from GCC and the Arab world and its demand in the International Markets" was moderated by Chandu Siroya, Managing Director Siroya Jewels & Vice-Chairman of the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group (DGJG) who spoke of the importance of design in driving forward jewellery sales. "The materials and labour costs can be adjusted for every item of jewellery, but it is the design that brings added value, he said. Manufacturers can reduce costs and provide great customer service, but this can be easily done by all such firms, but it is the exciting designs that will bring business, and that is especially the case where Millennial buyers are concerned.

"Designers are the heart of any brand and must be appreciated and developed because their designs are both beautiful and also stimulate the senses. The jewellery industry must focus heavily on jewellery design." He added. Mr. Siroya then led a panel discussion featuring Maha Al Sibai, Founder of Maha Al Sibai Jewellery, Dubai; Sanjay Jaiswal, Managing Director of Jewel Goldi, India; and Maryam Hassani, Co-Founder of 55FIFTY7.

Maha Al Sibai spoke of the importance of design in creating items that are new and different from the many generic items in the market. She also added that a number of International brands have forayed in the local markets, but the premium positioning that the locally designed jewellery rests on has indeed derived value not only from local but also International buyers. Meanwhile, Maryam Hassani described how children are encouraged to design in her company's studio 55FIFTY7 and added that they have created a first of its kind "incubator" for young designers that gives them a 360 degree work environment right from sketch to production. She describes this as the most important ecology that any aspiring student can ask for.

Sanjay Jaiswal said his company's designers create products that area perfect synchronisation of Art, Science and Commerce and added that his company's foray into Dubai is a natural expansion and termed the city of dreams as the perfect gateway to the world.

The theme of the second panel discussion was the "Important role played by Education and Technology in jewellery designing". Moderator Nirupa Bhatt, the Managing Director of GIA, India and the Middle East operations, said Education and Technological developments were critical in providing designers with new ways of creating innovative jewellery to upkeep their talent and creations, she said while heading a panel of educationists such as Naida Akaewa from Zayed University Abu Dhabi, Sayeed Mortazawi from Mortazawi design academy, Iran, Orion from Gemvision USA, the technology company for jewellery design and Ashish Garg, Head of operations, KGK Group, Dubai.

The panellists recounted their experiences in creating and designing jewellery and opined how technology plays a vital role in enabling them to use new ways of producing innovative designs.

While Naida Akaewa spoke on the advantages that her university gives students and shared her thoughts on the various award winning students and their inspirations, Sayeed opined on the initiation of his academy and how it has benefited the thousands of students who have completed their course and are on the professional career in the sector. Maryam Ramethi the award winning student shared her experiences on the study course and life after becoming an award winner, while Oriol Collelldemont, Director - Product Management GemVision - USA, dwelled into the subject of use of technology in jewellery designing and how latest technology is playing a vital role in every jewel piece that is designed with precision. Lastly Ashish Garg spoke on a critical subject of young jewellery designers starting their career and added his experience as a large jewellery manufacturer about the appointing jewellery designers and they in turn putting their inspiration that goes into designing every jewellery piece.

Ms. Nirupa Bhatt closed the session with all the panellists agreeing that technology is critical, as it is in all industrial sectors, and that educating designers on an ongoing basis enabled them to create new designs. "Although talent is critical, designers are constantly being challenged to think differently and to adopt new technologies to expand their imaginations" she added.

The guest of honour during the forum was H. E. Mr. Mogobo David Mage Consul General of South Africa in Dubai.

The New Jeweller Middle East Jewellery Designers' Forum was supported by JewelGoldi India, Zayed University, UAE, Gemvision, USA, Emirates Transguard, UAE, Zaheer Damaso, UAE, and hosted by VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show.