Angola Diamond E-Conclave 2021 was organised on 1st July 2021 presented by the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas - Republic of Angola and the New Jeweller International Media Group. The purpose of this E-Conclave was to promote important Diamond related projects, such as the Saurimo Diamond Hub as well as the Angola Diamond Exchange that is waiting to be opened in the near future, including potential mineral development projects seeking investments.

Over 366 Industry members mostly from the Diamond manufacturing, Downstream and Mid-stream companies watched.

H.E Dr. Diamantino Pedro Azevedo open the E-Conclave and deliver a Keynote Address that unleashed huge opportunities to invest and trade from Angola. In the same occasion Hon. Minister announced the Angola International Diamond Conference (AIDC) to be held in Saurimo at the end of the current year. Global Diamond giants listened attentively to Dr. Diamantino, as well as, a panel of speakers from Governmental and private sector about the strategy and plan by the new regime to make Angola the future and favourable Diamond destination for the world.

Two panel discussions were conceptualised during the E-Conclave. The first panel was a mix of Governmental Agency heads and Government owned mining entities, such as Mr Jacinto Rocha, Chairman & CEO - National Mineral Resources Agency, Mr Canga Xiaquivuila, Chairman & CEO - Geological Institute of Angola (IGEO), Dr. Ganga Jose Jr, Chairman & CEO - Endiama EP, Mr. Eugenio Bravo De Rosa, Chairman & CEO - Sodiam EP.

The first panel was dedicated on subjects ranging from the Diamond wealth that has been explored and waiting to be mined to the large infrastructure. In this regard, presentation was made related to the development of Saurimo Diamond Hub and Angola Diamond Exchange that have opened huge opportunities for the Global Diamond Sector to invest, operate and trade in Angola. The panel also delved on the business-friendly policies of the Government of Angola and the tax subsidies that will be offered to investing companies. Other important points was discussed, such as employment opportunities, percentage share for local consumption and export were critical areas that were touched upon.

The second panel was titled “Investors Speak” deliberated on critical issues pertaining to potential investors. The panel comprised of Mr. Sahag Arslanian, Managing Director - Arslanian Group NV, Mr. Igor Prokhorenko, Chief Executive officer - Grib Diamonds NV, Mr. Kalpesh Vaghani, Director - Kapu Gems, Mr. Ammiel Macondecua, General Manager, Angola Polishing Diamonds [APD]. The panel was headed by Mr. Paulo Mvika, KP Office Coordinator for Angola, in the National Commission of Kimberley Process.

The subjects interested potential investors who were all ears on the current and future potential that Angola would offer their respective businesses. The panel also took up questions from the audience and spoke on wide range of issues pertaining to Banking, Financing the Mid-stream, Taxation, Security and Credibility.

The Angola Global Diamond E-Conclave- 2021 was a huge success and saw a huge attendance of 366 participants from the Global Diamond Sector. Angola assures investors sustained growth prospects, profitability and above all Governmental support to build their business and increase the bottom line. The E-Conclave was held in coordination with the New Jeweller International Media who also moderated the discussion.