Grandiose opening ceremony and the fair’s makeover makes it more modern and international than any of the previous events

The countdown to one of the world’s topmost gems events – the 58th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair – is smoothly underway, with its organizer, the Department of International Trade Promotion, happily content with compliments that the fair is “amazingly well prepared compared to previous ones”.

The Commerce Ministry affirms the Bangkok Gems fair, which commences on September 7, is being held on a gigantic scale unseen before, exuding new transformation and showcasing six specialized zones targeting six niche groups that are deemed “hot”.

Mrs Malee Choklumlerd, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) under the Ministry of Commerce, said preparations for the 58th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair are complete. Intense worldwide public relations campaigns targeting 100,000 visitors from the name list in the Department’s database and a publicity blitz through Thai Trade Centers across the globe, especially in the country’s major trading partners, have been carried out. The Department is now confident more than 30,000 visitors will turn up for the five-day event that will generate more than 15 billion baht worth of trade.

“The gems and jewelry industry is significant to the country’s economy, being the third largest industry in terms of income generated for the country, witnessing exports worth US$7.187 billion or 259 billion baht. Thailand’s gems and jewelry industry ranks 12th in the world in terms of exports.

The ministry expects exports this year to increase by 10 per cent to US$7.9 billion or 284 billion baht. The country’s major trading partners are Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, India, Switzerland and markets which witness robust growth in the gems and jewelry industry such as Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, India, Australia and China,’’ the DITP director-general said.

The Ministry of Commerce has joined hands with the Ministry of Finance to provide tax incentives to assist retail business operators, both sellers and buyers. The Ministry of Finance has issued an announcement that business operators who participate in the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair and who have received a certificate from the DITP will receive customs duty exemption on gems and jewelry products imported solely for exhibition and sale at the fair. The tax incentives are expected to benefit Thai business operators and buyers of gems and jewelry products who can avail of them at lower prices.

The DITP had earlier teamed up with the Gems and Jewelry Institute (GIT), inviting internationally acclaimed World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) President Dr Gaetano Cavalieri to talk about market strategies and business trends. The event, which was packed with people from the industry, has generated worldwide publicity for the Bangkok Gems fair. Cavalieri endorsed the fair, saying the DITP has a great opportunity to transform the fair and bring back its glory, while Thailand has the potential to become the world’s gems and jewelry industry leader because the country has all the important elements in place such as basic infrastructure, a rich source of colored gems, a highly skilled labor force and a large number of knowledgeable gemologists, apart from the country’s highly strategic location, which is just a short flying distance from most Asian cities and within a mega region. The country will definitely strive to achieve leadership in the global market due to these positive factors.

The fair’s modern transformation, which makes it more captivating than any of the previous fairs, will increase confidence in its new modern image, leading to worldwide acceptance. This will help the fair rise to become one of the globe’s top three exhibitions that all business operators in the gems and jewelry industry will feel they must attend.

The fair features six specialized showcases targeting six niche groups, such as “60+ Exhibition”, featuring gems and jewelry designed for senior citizens; “Pet Parade”, highlighting gems and jewelry for pets and decoration in various animal shapes; “The Moments”, showcasing jewelry for special moments such as weddings; “Arts and Craft”jewelry and decorations; “Gemstlemen”, featuring various designs of gems and jewelry especially for men; and “Spirituality & Horoscope”, which highlights gems and jewelry of beliefs, opulence and horoscopes. The latter marks the first time such a showcase is being featured in any international gems fair. Italian and Japanese experts have jointly selected pieces of jewelry to present at the six zones. The fair also provides a “Business Matching” service by thaitrade.com and a service to make appointments through the Bangkok Gems website.

The Department is set to throw a blanket of security around the fair and has provided modern security equipment for the purpose. Nonthaburi’s Governor, the Region One Police Commissioner, the Tourist Police Division, the Immigration Bureau and the First Army Region have all drawn up security plans and measures to keep people safe during this 58thBangkok fair.

The 59th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair will take place at the end of February 2017. This future fair will be more modern and international, focusing on jewelry designs that match changing global demands and promoting a new image for the Bangkok Gems fair.

In developing markets and Thai gems and jewelry products, the DITP has come up with several developmental projects, educating business operators in the industry to create innovative products that meet global trends. The Department has also conducted a worldwide publicity blitz that utilizes a database system with in-depth information of gems and jewelry operators on three continents – Asia, the United States and Europe – and public relations campaigns through 60 Thai Trade Centers around the world, as well as various events involving embassies, the Director-General said.

The present 58th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair will take place from September 7-11, 2016 at Challenger Halls 1-3, Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok Thailand. Business negotiation days are scheduled from September 7-9, 2016, 10am-6pm. The public is welcome to visit the fair on September 10, 10am-6pm, and September 11, 10am-5pm.