The Gem and Jewellery sector dates back century's right from the evolution of mankind. History is witness to women adorning jewellery as an embodiment to beauty and attraction. Wood, Copper, and other metals were used to make jewellery. Craftsmen used primitive tools to work with wood metals and other materials. With the modern age, the various processes concerning jewellery making changed and the advent of technology and machine tools further complemented the manufacturing techniques.

With modern technology came in standardisation regarding precious metals and gemstones giving a true meaning to setting price and deriving value for the stones and metals used. Precious stones and metals are graded, certified and standardised to give provide optimum value proposition to the customers and in turn bring in global uniformity in the products sold. The Standardisation segmentalso is helpful to new metals, alloys and synthetic stones entering the market as the identification process has become the penultimate task in maintaining the Ultimate Selling proposition [USP] pertaining to Natural and precious metals and stones.

Diamond Certification and grading companies have been in the business since decades and lately are seen introducing state f the art technologically sound equipments that is playing an important role not only to certify and grade, but also to identify Synthetic Diamonds. There have been instances of mixing Synthetic Diamonds along with Natural in packets and but for technology, the identification process would have been not only cumbersome, but also impossible. The ID 100 and Melee screening device launched by GIA, Synthdetect offered by IIDGR, Diamtest & Miniraman by Diamond Services and many other only goes to show the investment that is being made in Technology to upkeep the consumer confidence in the Diamond Industry.

The said certification and grading copanies have also become instrumental in bringing in knowledge base to the sector articulating important educational programs and courses for students. This task of educating the segment is very important especially in an age where the entire gem and jewellery industry is going through corporatisation bringing in the second or the third generation into the jewellery business.

In this issue, the New Jeweller bureau has compiled an extensive report on select companies who are into grading and certification services and with sheer passion and sole purpose of upgrading the Diamond industry has expanded and launched educational programs for the future. With this report the New Jeweller Group makes an effort to take the Diamond sector to a different high to satisfy the millennial age.