OROAREZZO, The Italian jewellery Show organized by IEG, Italian Exhibition Group, that dictates the jewellery "musts" for summer 2018, closed defining colors for the season.

The general lines that emerged from the products presented at the stands of over 600 exhibitors spoke loudly of the fashion trend of this summer's jewellery: first and foremost, the colour.

Highly colourful jewellery in pastel shades: pink opal, ruby, turquoise and green.

Shapes which, although significant in size, thanks to electroforming - the new manufacturing technology - are unexpectedly and surprisingly light and therefore not only much easier to wear but also more affordable.

The collections also expand into other materials: bronze and silver as well as coral become the key players in imaginative creations reminiscent of elements in nature, from flowers to butterflies. Silver is particularly enjoying an exceptionally current moment, also due to the ductile way it can be combined with other materials, from leather to less precious metals. Ever closer to the fashion world, jewellery collections are becoming more versatile and adapting to the styles that fashion dictates. The depth of necklines and the length of sleeves therefore inspire jewellery shapes and dimensions.OROAREZZO is also an important window onto international markets. In fact, the Show is attended by buyers from all over the world who come to refurbish their leading shops and chain stores: from the USA to the Eastern countries and going on to the Arabian world.

In regard to foreign markets, while the Arabian inclination for large and showy items is confirmed, due to the effects of globalization, even in these areas, taste is gradually turning more to the western style with atendency to reducethe volumes. The Chinese market confirms its interest in small, delicate, precise and highly detailed items and favours silver and stones. Russia, on the other hand, is demanding geometric shapes and multicoloured jewellery for the coming summer season. Whatever the lines, shapes or colours, in any case, Made in Italy jewellery, thanks to the know-how and creativity of the companies in the Italian production districts - Arezzo, Vicenza and Valenza - continues to be of irreplaceable and unquestionable value all over the world.