To support local businesses during COVID-19, the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) has been assigned to initiate projects with focus on tribal jewelry in in the lower northeastern area (Esan Dern), including Sisaket, Buriram, Surin, Nakhon Ratchasima and Ubon Ratchathani to generate income for artisans and local entrepreneurs, such as community in Korat, where Dan Kwian soil has been used for producing jewelry and has created a lot of added value.”

The “Esan Dern” project has been joined by 329 participants from five provinces while 20 of them have been selected to attend in-depth training with experts and leading designers to design and develop prototypes that truly reflect the identity of “South Esan”.

At present, the institute has produced five collections from Esan Dern project, with details as follows:

Collection: The Road & The Wheels
1. Nakhon Ratchasima Four participants together with Pirada Senivongse Na Ayudhya from Trimode Studio brand have developed prototypes and designs of jewelry inspired by the stories of Korat as a resting point for business trips in the past. The collection reflects travel experiences and the potential of Korat soil condition, which can be burned in various ways.

Collection: Joyfull…Joyfull
2. Buriram Four participants together with Worachai Siriwipinan from Basic Teeory brand have developed prototypes and designs of jewelry inspired by fun and different cultures from the surrounding areas, including a unique and modern culture, which sets Buriram apart from other provinces.

Collection: Jan Jaruk
3. Surin Four participants together with Sirikarn Jirajbhaskornkul from Saprange Craft Jewelry brand have developed prototypes and designs inspired by Kan Krao flower, which is linked to the story of the province, including various local beliefs, such as Jan, which resembles Takrud in the central region.

Collection: Re-Lava
4. Sisaket Four participants together with Patipat Chaiwitesh from Patipat brand have developed prototypes and designs inspired by volcanic nature, including soil and lava. The materials used are eco-friendly and can be further developed for future businesses.

Collection: Blossom Facets
5. Ubonratchathani Rush Pleansuk from Sumphat Gallery brand together with four participants have developed prototypes and designs inspired by the triangular structure formed by folded banana leaf, the overlap method of wrapping Krathong and the method of making flower garland, also known as “Seab Dok Mai” in Esan region. They also include the combination of ancient jewelry designs of Ubon Ratchathani with the traditions to give a more contemporary look, such as silver beads to create a story of ritual performances in the province.

To present these designs to the world, the institute has been urged to expand marketing channels by planning to bring all five jewelry collections and entrepreneurs participating in this project to attend the international gems and jewelry fairs. They are also encouraged to trade via online platforms and to further expand the South Esan jewelry project in 2021, which will focus on the development of manufacturing techniques and product design. The aim is to create added value and branding, and increase access to both domestic and international distribution channels, which will boost income for the community in the long run.