For gemstone aficionados, connoisseurs as well as professionals, the Gubelin Academy offers now its Level 3 course and strengthens its mission to offer unique fast—track training into the wonderful world of coloured gems. Students will profit from a new level of gemmological education and deepen their knowledge an inspiring way. So this course is the practical culmination of the Coloured Gem Professional, the newest programme with a cutting edge approach to gem education.

Level 3
Focusing on the practical and emotional, the Gubelin Academy aims to impart the necessary knowledge and passion to understand and appreciate coloured gems with an informative and inspiring approach. The Gubelin Academy is happy to announce that its first Coloured Gem Professional Level 3 class has successfully been launched in March in Hong Kong. In this course students deepen their knowledge on gemstones that they have acquired in Level 1 and Level 2 classes. They learn how to handle, study and assess emeralds, rubies and sapphires. On these gemstones, also known as the "Big Three", the course focusses. Through the unique reference stone collection and a detailed images archive, students get a deeper understanding on gemstones. Course participants learn more about treatment and origin and get to know the hands-on need-to-know basics in the gem business. Further, they study how to master the microscope to observe inclusions as well as internal features and understand gemmological examination and testing from a laboratory perspective. With practical loupe work, students learn how to take these skills outside of the classroom in the field, whether buying selling or just appreciating the fascinating world of the "Big Three". After successful completion of the five-day-class, students are rewarded with a certificate of attendance. The crowing closure of the Coloured Gem Professional programme.

The next Level 3 class will be taught from 25 to 29 June 2018 in Hong I(ong. To attend the course the successful completion of Level 1 and Level 2 is required.

Coloured Gem Professional

Gubelin Academy courses provide unique fast—track training into the wonderful world of coloured gems. Students gain a Gubelin Coloured Gem Professional certificate while studying emeralds, rubies and sapphires, whether beginning with the basics or mastering the advanced history, gemmology and psychology behind the most precious and colourful commodities in the world.

The Coloured Gem Professional is created as a series of modular programmes with increasing levels from 1 to 3. The three level of courses culminate in a Gubelin Coloured Gem Professional certificate. Through knowledgeable, passionate and inspiring teaching, Gubelin Academy classes focus on the practical and emotional aspects of emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

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Students learn how to use the loupe to observe the inclusions in coloured gems

Gübelin operates one of the world's most renowned gemmological laboratories. As a fully independent subsidiary, the Gübelin Gem Lab analyses diamonds, coloured gems and pearls and is especially well known for its competence in the area of coloured gems. In order to make this knowledge accessible to a broader audience, the family-owned firm opened the Gübelin Academy in Hong Kong in 2013. The Academy's modular programmes offer gem aficionados a well-founded introduction to the fascinating world of coloured gems and deepen the knowledge of connoisseurs and experts.