Following the launch of the Gübelin Academy in Hong Kong, Gübelin offered its first Swiss courses in November 2014 in Zurich. Founded by the renowned Swiss jeweller as a means to share the company's longstanding expertise and passion for gemstones, Gübelin Academy has now launched inaugural courses in its home country.

AS wiss, family - owned company founded in 1854, the House of Gübelin has been long known for its exquisite high - end jewellery as well as a renowned gemmological laboratory. Academy was the newest addition to the company's broad base of luxury and expertise in 2013.

The two-day course comprised Level 1 of Academy's 'Coloured Gem Professional': a fast-track into the wonderful world of coloured gems. It was taught by the Managing Director of the Gübelin Academy, HelenMolesworth, and hosted at the five star Park Hyatt hotel in Switzerland's most international city.

The course culminated with a champagne aperitif in the Gübelin boutique in Zurich, offering participants the opportunity to view and handle some of Gübelin's exquisite luxury jewellery, created by their own inhouse Swiss team of skilled craftsmen.

A particular highlight of the two days was the presence of Sara Gübelin, a member of the Gübelin Board of Directors as well as being the sixth generation of the Gübelin family to run the business. Her brother, Raphael Gübelin, is current CEO.

Herself a trained gemmologist, Sara Gübelin shared her experience in the field as well as anecdotes about her own passion for gemstones and the family business.

The participants, who had travelled from all over Switzerland, Germany and France, were treated to a unique introduction into the fascinating world of coloured gemstones.

They learned the gemmological, practical and historical basics of the “big three” coloured gems: emeralds, rubies and sapphires. From the ancient history of emeralds to the colours of sapphires and value of rubies, the course offered an intensive introduction and passionate approach to the subject .

The class welcomed an equally broad background of participants, including both trade and private, from beginner collector or experienced professional.

In the words of the participants, each student came away with something new, feeling both educated and inspired to learn more. Individual responses to this first Swiss class were overwhelmingly positive. According to Véronique Giraud, a gem lover from France, 'these superb two days of training were absolutely perfect from beginning to end.

The content of the course was very complete and well balanced between scientific and cultural aspects of gems. The material provided was extremely qualitative and clear - a good bible to keep forever.' Peter March, a retired British pilot, was delighted to have discovered a newly inspired passion.

'Gübelin welcomed me - just an enthusiastic amateur - into their magical world of gemstones and provided a great opportunity to gain some basic knowledge,' he said. 'I just wish I had got to precious stones earlier in life – aren't they just so beautiful?' According to Roswitha Winteler, another new student, in the Zurich class, 'Gübelin Academy got us closer to the world of coloured gems, for me a completely new and fascinating experience.

Everything was just perfect. The class was so packed with stories and interesting comments, that I wished it would never end.' Fortunately, it doesn't yet have to: according to Gübelin Academy, Level 2 will be coming soon to students who have already attained their Level 1 from Gübelin Academy certificate. And for those who missed this first course, the next Coloured Gem Professional Level 1 in Zurich is scheduled to take place in November 2015. Courses will also continue regularly from the Hong Kong headquarters.

Visit www.gubelinacademy.com to register while places are still available.

About Gübelin Academy

Passionate gemmologists and gem aficionados, Gübelin has always been keen to share its expertise with the greater public. To further this end it opened the Gübelin Academy in Hong Kong in 2013. Geared to professionals as well as enthusiasts and connoisseurs of coloured stones, the Academy offers a series of modular programmes providing a unique fast-track training into the wonderful world of coloured gems through knowledgeable, passionate and inspiring teaching.

Participants can earn a Gübelin “Coloured Gemstone Professional” diploma while covering emeralds, rubies, sapphires and the most market popular coloured gemstones, whether choosing to begin with the basics or mastering the advanced history, gemmology and psychology behind the most precious and colourful commodities in the world.

Additionally, special guest speaker seminars, on a broad range of trade-related through to academic topics, will be on hand to offer extra insight into the industry.

The House of Gübelin

The House of Gübelin is a Swiss, family - owned firm known for its exquisite high - end jewellery, gemstone expertise, and as purveyors of some of today’s most sought - after luxury watch brands. The company is deeply inspired by the internal and external beauty of fine gems and watches. Its combination of jewellery, gemstone and horological expertise is unique in the industry, a product of both its history and the Gübelin family’s high regard for beauty, knowledge, authenticity, craft and the trust of its clients.

For more information on Academy course dates and enrolment please contact:

Gübelin Academy

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