The latest creation from Gübelin Jewellery, Red Dahlia, is based on the spectacular inner world of a rare ruby. This very microphotography also inspired Athene Galiciadis with her sculpture Stool.

Facets of interpretation

"Art and culture, along with creativity, artisanship, inspiration and authenticity have always been of central importance to the House of Gübelin," explains Raphael Gübelin, President of the Swiss family-owned firm, "and we have long been deeply involved in these areas and in promoting these values." Such as this cooperation with Athene Galiciadis, which arose from the partnership with E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks. In this project, the artist Athene Galiciadis and the jewellery designer Michael Bühler interpreted the spectacular microphotography of a select ruby and drew inspiration for their works of art.

Red Dahlia from Gübelin Jewellery

This unique jewellery piece was created based on the spectacular inner world of a Burmese ruby. Microphotography reveals both valuable information about the origin, history and character of this precious gem as well as its inner beauty. Delicate rutile needles known as "silk" are typical for Burmese rubies. Inspired by the fascinating colours and triangular shapes within the ruby, the jewellery designer Michael Bühler created this ring featuring a ruby, sapphires in various colour shades as well as diamonds. The range of colours for the gemstones he chose is drawn from the microphotography, while the trilliant sapphires reflect its triangular shapes.

The result is an elegant jewellery piece resembling a lush dahlia blossom. A ruby sparkles at the heart of the Red Dahlia, surrounded by colourful sapphires and diamond-set rays of red gold reminiscent of a precious blossom. Red dahlias, like rubies, are a symbol of love and stand for deeply felt emotions. These graceful and elegant flowers are noted for their lush and varied colours.

Ring – necklace – brooch

This jewellery piece combines inspiration and artisanship at the highest level, as this ring offers at once three different possibilities for wearing the ruby. The ruby is set in a ring head that can be unscrewed. Then the ruby can be worn as a brooch or a necklace by simply and securely screwing the ruby into place in either jewellery piece. The creative flexibility displayed by this ring makes it quite impressive. This is truly an example of haute joaillerie at its finest.

Pigeon blood red

The 2.18 ct ruby is an absolute rarity and is known as pigeon blood red for its extraordinary quality. In order to be given this rare quality designation, the ruby must meet the highest standards. Just as this impressive example with its naturally rich, even red colour. For centuries, the most sought-after rubies in the world have come from Burma.

Stool by Athene Galiciadis

The artwork entitled Stool is also based on microphotography of a ruby. The Swiss artist Athene Galiciadis incorporates the triangular forms within the precious gem into the ornamentation painted on the vase. The clay vessel is encased in plexiglass. This even makes it possible to sit on the fragile ceramic, hence the name Stool. But at the same time, this deprives the vase of its original function. The colours of the plexiglass housing are drawn from the colours found in the gem. The transparent casing allows viewers to look inside the Stool while at the same time protecting the organically shaped sculpture within that we simply want to reach out and touch. This makes the object Stool an interplay of colour, form, function, materiality and dichotomy. Athene Galiciadis describes her experience working with Gübelin: "The first time I visited the Gübelin jewellery atelier and looked inside a gem, I was totally fascinated by the rich variety of colours."

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