Precious stones are created deep in the earth through processes and coincidences that can only be called miraculous. This is why they are very rare. And why those places on earth producing the finest stones are so famous. In its new Origins Collection, renowned Swiss jewellers the House of Gübelin takes clients on a journey to some of the world’s most legendary gem locations.

When we refer to fine gemstones as miracles of nature, it is more than just a figure of speech. It takes a truly miraculous set of circumstances deep in the earth to produce a precious stone, and even more miracles for it to be brought close enough to the surface to be mined. That is why gemstones are so rare, and why the few places on earth which consistently produce the finest gems are so celebrated.

In its new Origins Collection, Gübelin invites lovers of fine jewellery to tour some of the most important and fabled gemstone locations in the world through exquisite pieces of jewellery. Whether a fine platinum ring with a deep blue Kashmir sapphire, earrings with sparkling red rubies from Burma, or a dramatic necklace featuring a lush green emerald from the fabled mines of Colombia each handmade masterpiece takes the wearer on a journey of adventure and discovery.

The story within

Of all the top jewellers in the world today, perhaps none is more capable of appreciating the essence of gem origins than Gübelin. Experienced gemstone traders for almost a century, with excellent connections in the industry as well as with all the important gemstone producers around the globe, Gübelin consistently sources the rarest, highest quality stones for its creations.

Thanks to the Gübelin Gem Lab, one of the world’s most respected independent gemmological laboratories, the company is able to delve deep into the stones and unlock their inner secrets – including the fascinating stories of their creation.

In the Origins Collection, each stone’s unique and dramatic story is brought to life by Gübelin’s celebrated designers and artisans and presented in the most aesthetically pleasing form possible – that of fine, high-end, handmade jewellery. Jewellery lovers, gemstone connoisseurs and all others interested in travelling among these true miracles of nature are invited to join the journey, starting at a Gübelin boutique.

Description Origins Collection

60A - 1822.5 (HKD 4,998,000)

Platinum ring with a cushion-shape sapphire from Kashmir, 5.65 ct, and four pear-shape sapphires totalling 0.27 ct as well as two oval diamonds, 1.08 ct and 1.05 ct, and 74 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.35 ct.

42A-1207.1 (HKD 1,003,000)

Platinum necklace with a round emerald from Colombia, 2.84 ct, as well as 24 pear-shape diamonds totalling 2.40 ct and 92 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1.15 ct.

60A-1821.7 (HKD 274,000)

White gold ring with a cushion-shape ruby from Burma, 1.98 ct, as well as eight pear-shape diamonds totalling 1.31 ct and 26 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.14 ct.

60A-1786 (HKD 494,000)

White gold ring with an oval sapphire from Burma, 5.06 ct, as well as four pear-shape diamonds totalling 0.76 ct and four triangular-shape diamonds totalling 0.47 ct as well as eight brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.42 ct.

44A-1298 (HKD 192,000)

White gold drop earrings with two oval rubies from Madagascar, 1.20 ct and 1.03 ct, as well as four pear-shape diamonds totalling 0.38 ct and two triangular-shape diamonds totalling 0.09 ct as well as two brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.07 ct.

42A-1209 (HKD 230,000)

White gold necklace with an oval ruby, 1.71 ct, as well as five pear-shape diamonds totalling 0.69 ct and three brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.05 ct. The ruby displays the characteristic traits of rubies from East Africa.

42A-1209 (HKD 489,000)

White gold necklace with an oval sapphire from Burma, 4.49 ct, as well as five pear-shape diamonds totalling 0.79 ct and three brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.07 ct.

42A-1211 (HKD 533,000)

White gold necklace with a pear-shape ruby from Burma, 2.58 ct, and nine pear-shape rubies totalling 1.62 ct as well as 383 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1.13 ct.

44A-1295 (HKD 271,000)

Earrings with two round rubies from Burma, 1.71 ct and 1.65 ct, as well as 22 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.70 ct.