Kennedy Ho, Chairman of the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences Laboratory (AIGS) is someone who is used to tackling challenges and forging solutions. About a year ago he began thinking how he might form relationships with other gemological laboratories, with a similar vision to AIGS, in a way that would be mutually beneficial to all. He landed on the idea of forming an alliance where labs would maintain their independence but agree to share their research and data with one another. As the idea began to take shape, 'Gem Alliance' emerged as both a framework for the cooperation and the name for which it would be known. In November of 2017, the Gem Alliance was formerly launched when AIGS and GGTL Laboratories (GemLab and GemTechLab) announced their cooperation. The decision was reached between AIGS Lab chairman Kennedy Ho and the founders of GGTL, Franck Notari and Dr. Thomas Hainschwang, to formally enter the cooperation based on the sharing of information and gemological data.

"We recognized that by working together, we make our labs stronger, which led to the decision to form this alliance," said Ho. The AIGS Lab, based in Bangkok, serves the gem and jewelry industry and the public alike with a comprehensive range of gemstone and jewelry analysis reports. Founded by the Ho Group, AIGS is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018.

GGTL Laboratories (GemLab and GemTechLab), based in Geneva and Liechtenstein, is a 20-yearold, full-service, independent gemological testing lab. Founded and managed by renowned gemological experts and researchers Franck Notari and Dr. Thomas Hainschwang, GGTL's team of professional gemologists provide the complete range of lab services for diamonds, gemstones and pearls, with specialist focus on a number of advanced fields of research, including fancy colored diamonds and synthetic diamond detection.

Following closely on the heels of the official launch, AIGS announced in February this year that Japan Germany Gemmological Laboratories (JGGL) had joined the Gem Alliance. The fourth member of Gem Alliance, Masaki Furuya, President of JGGL, was welcomed during the Tucson gem shows. In 1995, Masashi Furuya founded JGGL in Kofu city, an important gemstone area in central Japan, with Prof. Dr. Hermann Bank of D.Gem.G. and Prof. Akira Chikayama as technical advisors. In 2007, Masashi Furuya passed away and was succeeded by his son, Masaki, who currently runs the laboratory. Masaki Furuya commented on the cooperation: "The gemstone industry is challenged by the discovery of new gemstones, treatments and developments of technology applied in gem testing, and believe that, under this international alliance, we can share up-to-date knowledge and continue contributing to the worldwide gemstone industry." Following the announcement of the new Gem Alliance member, Ho commented: "With JGGL joining Gem Alliance, we have taken another step towards making the alliance stronger through the sharing of research data and information."

For more information, contact:
AIGS Lab: info@aigsthailand.com
GGTL: laboratory@ggtl-lab.org
JGGL: jggl@sapphire.co.jp

AIGS Chairman Kennedy Ho and Dr. Thomas Hainschwang of GGTL Laboratories welcomed Masaki Furuya of JGGL to the Gem Alliance during the Tucson gem shows.