Raphael Gübelin -President
At the start of 2017, the Gübelin Gem Lab opened its new permanent US location. The world-renowned gemmological laboratory is now represented in three locations on three continents.

Member of the AGTA
Because of increasing demand from gem traders, the Gübelin Gem Lab decided to establish a permanent laboratory in New York. The American metropolis is one of the focal points of the international gem trade. With its US location, the Gübelin Gem Lab is now able to participate in trade fairs in the USA and has become a member of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). For the first time, the Gübelin Gem Lab will be testing gemstones on-site at the AGTA GemFair in Tucson, which runs from January 31 to February 5, 2017. Stones can be submitted at the show to the Gübelin Gem Lab in the Galleria at the West Show Manager’s Office.

This new location is part of the Gübelin Gem Lab’s expansion programme, which began with the opening of a location in Hong Kong back in 2010. With this third permanent location, the Gübelin Gem Lab has further heightened its international presence. In the very heart of Manhattan, the laboratory provides scientific analysis of all sorts of precious gems. The laboratory is located at 608 Fifth Avenue, Suite 806.

“Our family-run business is known for its deep knowledge of gemmology. We are pleased to be represented with a permanent laboratory in the USA”, explains Raphael Gübelin, President of the eponymous Swiss firm, of which the laboratory is a fully independent subsidiary.

History of the Gübelin Gem Lab
The origins of the Gübelin Gem Lab date back to 1923. This makes the Swiss laboratory one of the oldest institutions of its kind. In order to learn more about gems and to maintain its customers’ trust, Eduard Moritz Gübelin founded a gemmological laboratory. Under the direction of his son Dr Eduard J. Gübelin, famous as a pioneer of gemmology, the laboratory gained worldwide renown. Since then, leading traders, auction houses, jewellers, bankers, museums and collectors all over the world have come to rely on the laboratory’s gemmological analyses.