Steering Committee Chair, Rajiv Jain

In a special meeting on the 2017 ICA Jaipur Congress, the Jaipur Congress Steering Committee decided that the 2017 ICA Jaipur Congress will be moved from April to October.

The new dates for the 2017 ICA Jaipur Congress are October 21st through October 24th, 2017.

These dates immediately follow Diwali, India's most important holiday of the year.

"As a result of demonetization, the Indian markets are observing a slow-down, and the current situation is not very clear as new policies are surfacing every other day. In such an environment, we felt that Indian, as well as international delegates, would not participate in good numbers," says Congress chair, Rajiv Jain. "The currency challenges are expected to change for the better in the next few months. The weather in Jaipur will most certainly be better in October, and our Programme Committee shall be working on events prior to the Congress for our participants to have a wonderful experience of Diwali."

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