Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. (IEG) pulls the trigger on the 20th edition of OROAREZZO, the show that promotes the very best of Made in Italy jewellery production at Arezzo Fiere Exhibition Centre from 6th to 9th April.

The event offers the chance to weigh up the situation regarding the Italian jewellery industry which confirms its role as one of the leading sectors of “Beautiful and Well Done Made in Italy”.

On interpreting the data provided by Arezzo’s Chamber of Commerce Study Office, performances in the three main Italian production districts – namely Vicenza, Arezzo and Alessandria – are oscillating.

Vicenza and Arezzo remain stable or moderately lower while exports in the province of Alessandria show a slightly more dynamic trend with national exports standing at +2.2%. Alessandria focuses its exchange flows on Switzerland (as a re-exportation hub) while Vicenza and Arezzo are penalized by significant export volumes going to markets whose performances are currently under par (such as the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong). The United States still represent the most important and stable target market for every district in terms of Made in Italy gold and jewellery products.

To be more precise, export trends in the Arezzo gold district towards the main target markets show how the United Arab Emirates, despite a drop of almost 15 per cent compared to 2017, still hold first place in the ranking of main outlet countries for Arezzo jewellery. Exports to Hong Kong have increased (+4.2%) and performances regarding the United States are stable (-0.1%).

The number of companies operating in the sector is significant: there are 1.211 (figure at 4th quarter 2018) Arezzo companies working in the gold- jewellery sector, more than in Alessandria (749) and Vicenza (545). Arezzo is not only the district with the largest number of enterprises, it has also more than 6 years ago (there were 1.185 at the end of 2013).

Besides the large number of Arezzo companies involved in the sector, the growth dynamics of employees at each company is also very interesting. In fact, the average number of workers in each Arezzo firm has grown from 5.99 at the end of 2013 to 6.43.

This is a highly comforting factor from the development viewpoint of those companies engaged in exports and their ability to better compete on the international markets.

In terms of total employment, Arezzo companies employ 7.788 workers, Alessandria has 4.855 while Vicenza employs 4.280.

The scenario remains that of a sector full of highly-specialized, small and medium-sized enterprises. However, due to constant technological innovation, these companies highlight dimensional increases which are extremely positive for the future in terms of production volumes and competitivity on the global markets, combined with quality and modernity.