Europe's most highly anticipated jewellery show, the first on the agenda of the global exhibitions
and most comprehensive event of its kind, is back

Multi-year contracts signed by the Top brands

Running alongside VICENZAORO January is T-GOLD, the international Show for machinery and
advanced technologies

The engines are up and running for VICENZAORO JANUARY (Vicenza, 18th – 23rd January 2019), the International Jewellery Show that gathers together the global gold and jewellery supply chain's very best, organized by Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. (IEG).

The sector's first event of the year, the Show is Europe's reference point and is considered as an exclusive showcase for launching leading jewellery brands' latest creations.

Well-distributed within the original exhibition layout arranged into communities, exhibitors are divided in relation to their positioning and individual brand targets to make touring the Show easier for visitors who come from the most prestigious boutiques, shopping malls, big city stores and retailers.

Over 60% of the various types of buyers who will be thronging to the Vicenza Expo Centre halls during the most precious days of the year are foreign and come from 130 different countries.

Roberto Coin – who will be in attendance with new versions of the "Princess Flower" collection –, Damiani – who will present precious extensions of the "D.Side", "Eden" and of the iconic "Belle Epoque" collections – Fope, Crivelli, Leo Pizzo, Tamara Comolli, Djula are just some of the top brands hosted in the ICON district for GLOBAL BRANDS, companies that have known how to blend artisan tradition with a contemporary style, thus becoming reference points for the sector.

Right at this moment, long-term collaboration contracts are being signed with the majority of these.

Alessio Boschi, Lydia Courteille, Mattia Cielo and Monica Rich Kosann, on the other hand, are some of the designers selected this year to appear in The Design Room, the experimentation and creativity workshop that hosts the most exclusive and refined pieces of the entire exhibition.

In the physical and perfect heart of ICON, The Design Room offers the most futuristic journey in the universe of jewellery.

And companies that are more markedly oriented towards fashion and fine jewellery, like Giovanni Raspini, Rue de Milles, Victoria Cruz, Bronzallure and Crieri, have already confirmed their presence at Vicenza's international Show.

Guests in the LOOK district express the art of designers in the exploration and working of materials: from stones and coloured elements to precious metals and alternative materials.

But re-confirmations and new entries regard all the communities in general, from EXPRESSION to EVOLUTION and ESSENCE. These districts group together companies that stand out for their technical abilities and the reliability of the raw materials they use and include SDE GROUP, Dalia Preziosi, Afic Diamonds, Arcadia Diamonds for diamonds; Petramundi, Claudia Hamann, Meneghetti, Quality Srl, Stone International for the Coloured Stones in the European area; Takat, Sparkle Gems, Tank, Gem India Export, Swadi, Janson's, Australia Pearls, again for the Coloured Stones but from the rest of the world.

At the 2019 edition, category associations will once again be collaborating in the organization of congresses, conferences and seminars: VICENZAORO January is indeed a cultural hub, a generator of content and quality information at the service of the entire sector.

Lastly, January is the month that insiders particularly look forward to due to the much-awaited T-GOLD event, the international Show specifically for machinery and advanced technologies conceived to increase the quality of jewellery design and production.

A vast display of technologies from exceptionally innovation-oriented companies like the world famous Legor Group Spa, Sisma Spa, Fasti Industriale Spa, Busch & Co. Gmbh&Co Kg and Koras Gmbh.

The recurrent theme of the winter VICENZAORO event will be Sustainable Creativity. Starting from the VISIO.NEXT conference, continuing on to Digital Talks, Gem Talks and Trendvision's presentation, it will be the main topic throughout the 6 Vicenza days.

Interesting and current content for the whole industry that sees traceability and sustainability playing an increasingly more central role in relations with new consumers, Sustainable Creativity will be illustrated and closely examined from every aspect and throughout the supply chain, responding to the Show's vocation which, also from this viewpoint, is unique in Europe and the jewellery world.