Italtec Ghana Limited is wholly Ghanaian registered operating company under the Ghanaian Companies Code (Act 197) of 1963. Its primary business is the purchase and export of Gold. Italtec Ghana Limited started from a humble beginning in 1993 having been registered as an import and export business. The company's director and current 100% shareholder is Mr. Kwame Ofei.

Italtec employs the concept of buying centres to guarantee a steady stream of gold supplies from purchases on a daily basis. The company currently operates 17 wholly established gold buying centres in all the major mining towns, fully equipped with state-of the-art water density specific gravity weighing scales.

Italtec Ghana Limited operates on the following terms of contracts which are very simple:

  • We supply gold on an annual renewable contract revolving.

  • See our website for details : www.italtecgold.com

Italtec Ghana Limited's method of business uses the service technique which employs the distribution and servicing of mining equipment, power generating sets, and supplies of mining equipment The Program assures the delivery of such mining equipment to the various mines and workers under our trade rule by which we supply them with sluice boxes, washing tables, including standby power generating sets as well as deep-well water pump to guarantee them operating efficiency.

All these are done and leveraged against the continuous supply of gold. This method also guarantees us the right of purchase and protection from all the participating mines who work in our service and support program.

Gold is assayed in all our purchasing centres, we supply smelting furnaces made of gas and electric blowers with smelting crucibles weighing between 1 to 2 kilograms per smelting pot. The smelted gold is weighed in the Mettler Toledo specific gravity weighing scales which method has a relative accuracy of +/-0.005% making it the best field testing method.

Export Markets
Italtec Ghana Limited ships gold to the following countries:
- UAE (Principally Dubai)
- Italy
- Australia
- Turkey
- India

Number of Employees:
Administrative Personnel - 10 Based in the Head Office-Accra
Field Personnel - various - 40 in various mining villages
Buying centres - 17 (Sub Agents 10 per each centre) 170 (Totalling 187 workers)
(fully equipped with state-of-the-art water density specific gravity Swiss weighing scales.

Terms of Contract:
Our terms of contract is very simple - one is required to open a metal account and wire cash into the account from which gold is supplied on a revolving 12 months contract. (Go to our website for all other information you might require).