You can see the satisfaction on the faces of exhibitors and visitors – Mineralien Hamburg, the world’s fourth biggest mineral and gemstone show, has come to an end. Some 400 exhibitors from 35 nations attended this 40th Mineralien, which presented the whole world of stones, minerals and fossils. The wide-ranging exhibits were rounded off by high-powered specials and exciting hands-on activities for the whole family. “The timing of this show is ideal,” said Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. “Many of the visitors took this opportunity to buy some of their Christmas presents. We are highly satisfied with results at this Mineralien Hamburg.” As last year, the show was attended by some 20,000 visitors, who were making purchases, collecting information and exploring on the three days of the exhibition.

Exhibitors draw positive conclusions – visitors showed great interest and were keen to buy

The exhibitors were in an upbeat mood, and drew positive conclusions from the event. “Hamburg is the best show for us, and we are very pleased to be here. We get a lot of regulars who visit us every year, and we also had a good number of new customers,” said Klaus Hielscher, the owner of the minerals business which bears his name. “The visitors were enthusiastic about our stand – there was tremendous interest, and a high level of demand, especially for the smaller pieces,” said Andreas Guhr, CEO of the Red Gallery. And Moldavit Megalith was equally pleased: “It is always worth our while to come to North Germany for this show. We meet a good mix of regulars and new customers here,” said owner Thomas Dehner. “Hamburg is one of the most important shows for us,” said Ingo Knoppe, owner of Unikat Art, who appreciates the interest of Mineralien visitors in new items.

“We had a regular flow of visitors with strong demand for small gifts for Christmas and Saint Nicholas’ Day,” said Jens von Holt, owner of Amberworld Bernsteinmanufaktur. Katharina Naumow of Mariposa was delighted at the level of interest shown in high-quality silver jewellery with gemstones and in jewellery sets. And crystal specialist Julia Lücking, owner of Julissima, was equally positive: “There were a great many visitors, including many healing practitioners, who were specifically looking for crystals.” The Amethyst Factory was there for the first time this year, and owner Michael Weber was very pleased with results and with purchases by visitors. Kay Volkheiner from the exhibitor Opal Country was impressed by the great expertise and interest on the part of visitors – “Visitors asked very specific questions about the development of the stone, and were interested in points of detail.”

Special shows for adults and children

A big special show on “Scandinavia – the Magic of Gems, Glaciers and Dinosaurs” took visitors on a trip to the world of Nordic treasures in the “Discovery Hall” (Hall B3 ground floor), presenting Europe’s most northerly region as a paradise for mineral experts. “The Discovery Hall appealed tremendously to visitors. This unique setting had a wide range of novelties and attractions for adults and children,” said Rainer Bode, Expert Adviser to Mineralien Hamburg and Organiser of the special shows. “There was great interest particularly in the Rose of Norway and the pieces of the Cape York meteorite from Greenland.

Faust engraved in stone

Another fascinating highlight for visitors was the mega cameo project, “Goethe’s Faust” by the Roth Cameo company. It is a series of 14 large-format cameos created over a number of years, with subjects and key scenes from Goethe’s Faust. “The response to our work was amazing. Couldn’t have been better,” said Andreas Roth, master gemstone engraver and recognised artist at Roth Cameo.

The 41st International Minerals, Jewellery, Gemstones and Fossils Show will be held at the Hamburg Fair site from 7 to 9 December 2018. The subject of the big special show next year will be “Meteorites – Ambassadors from Distant Galaxies”.

Visit from another world. The special show in 2018 will be “Meteorites – Ambassadors from Distant Galaxies”.