The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) or GIT has launched the new color standards master of ruby: The Rabbit's Eye and Golden Red Ruby.

The "Rabbit's Eye", one of the two colors of new color standards master of ruby,is introduced by the GIT to celebrate Chanthaburiprovince as the "City of Gems" and to recognize the great wisdom of ruby enhancement skills possessed by Thai artisans as well as their exceptional craftsmanship skills that form the deep roots of Thailand's gemstones industry.

According to the GIT, "Rabbit's Eye" is a pinkish-red color of faceted gem-quality natural ruby, regardless of origin. A rabbit in the glow of the full moon is the symbol of the province of Chanthaburi. Moreover, the moonlight on this symbolalludes to beauty, serenity, peace and pleasantness, while Thai people also believe thattherabbit is an animal that is a part of the moon.

Another color is "Golden Red Ruby", a color of rare Siamese rubyor "Ploy Daeng" from Chanthaburi, which has been well-recognized among foreign gemstone dealers worldwide for decades. With its sought-after quality, together withthe intense and highly saturated red color with internal sparkling, the rarity of this ruby has driven up its price every time it changes hands.

Mrs. DuangkamolJiambutr, director of the GIT said that the GIT has created additional color standards master of ruby to facilitate Thailand's trade of gems and jewelry products. For Thai colored gemstones trade, there are three popular colors of ruby: Golden Red, a color of rare Siamese ruby; Pigeon's Blood, a color of rubyoften found in Myanmar; and Rabbit's Eye, which is highly popular among consumers in the European market.

Ruby is currently Thailand's key export gemstone: in 2018, ruby export was worth 11,375 million baht and the nation is also recognized as the world's third largest ruby exporter.