Ali Pastorini,
International President and Founder of Mubri - Mujeres Brillantes.
From September 30th to October 2nd will be the Fourth World Meeting of the International Mubri - Mujeres Brillantes Association, whose main mission is to help women to advance and develop in the jeweler sector through education, mentorship and networking. The chosen city will be Cuenca, Ecuador, better known as World Heritage according to UNESCO.

The idea of ​​bringing the Meeting to Latin America is to celebrate the progress made by the group since its creation in 2016 in Panama City.

Since its creation the Meeting has already been held in Italy during the VicenzaOro Fair and in the last year in Madrid during the MadridJoya Fair.

Always presenting expressive numbers and showing the importance of valuing women in industry, the Association this year has the ambition to go further, and will hold during the Meeting a World Contest among the members.

" I am happier every year with the challenges we have overcome, I believe that the woman's initial fear of raising her voice and showing her talent has been overcome. Now we are in the phase of knowing how to work as a team with other men . Since 2018 the entrance of male members began to grow within the Association and this shows the evolution of the group, since we do not preach the feminine privilege, we preach gender equity" , said Ali Pastorini, International President and founder of Mubri - Mujeres Brillantes.

The Mubri Contest will be divided into three categories and the exhibition of the pieces of all members will be held at the Museum of Pumapungo, one of the most important in the Americas. The judges will be formed by important figures from the World and Latin jewelry industry who will announce the big winners on October 1st.

One of the main supporters and organizers of the Meeting in Ecuador, is the Ambassador Mubri in Latin America, Mr. Rafael Bello, one of the leading jewelry enthusiasts in the world, " The possibility of Cuenca host the 4th World Meeting opens to the world a new vision of the jewelry sector, bringing back the beauty of a piece and reminding us that they will be always true objects of art", said Mr Bello. As usual, the Meeting will have debates between chapters where each one will present the last actions and initiatives since the last Meeting in 2018.

The intention of these debates, besides showing the progress of each country, is also to show ideas that work for other chapters to copy, if they wish. And then plan and think about the future in 2020.

"We are still organizing for the 2019 Meeting but there are already countries in contact with us to be the host in 2020, this shows consistency and credibility of the group with various regions of the world", concludes Ms Pastorini

The Association has more than 900 members, 10 chapters and more than 15 countries with representatives, as well as several Jewelry Schools, Institutes and Private Companies as partners. They are also on Youtube ( Mujeres Brillantes ) and in the social medias.