The International Gemological Institute, IGI India, along with fine jewelers across the country is set to roll out a 360 degree 'Natural Diamond Campaign.' The initiative by IGI begins on October 10, 2018 with the primary idea of promoting diamonds. The campaign invokes the desire in diamond enthusiasts to own something so pure and natural, that is a billion years old.

Every IGI certified diamond is the essence of a journey the jewel makes from the lap of nature to its owner. This is the very virtue that IGI and the associate jewelers intend to communicate with the consumers. Reinstating confidence among diamond jewelry zealots is the need of the hour and through this joint initiative, IGI intends to redefine the nature of the jewel.

"With the Natural Diamond Campaign, IGI aspires to reaffirm the bond of trust that retailers and their customers share. The quintessence is to appreciate and take pride in a billion-year-old beauty. Creatingand nurturing a strong connect among diamond jewelry retailers is the need of the hour and IGI truly believes in the power of the community," said Tehmasp Printer, MD, IGI India.

"Offering our services and expertise for almost 20 years in India, we have identified a recent gap in the promotion of the diamond category. This is a one of its kind initiative and we are glad jewelers, Pan-India, has supported this initiative," said Ramit Kapur, GM, IGI India

The Pan-India campaign will cover 24 cities from across India. With the essentiality being the beauty and legacy of a diamond, the campaign initiates communication among retailers and diamond lovers by spreading awareness and instilling a sense of pride on being the owner of a billion-year-old natural wonder.

The campaign will be on from October 10 to November 5, 2018. To know more details about IGI and the Natural Diamond Campaign, call 022 403 52550 or mail at india@igi.org