Industry stakeholders who want to keep abreast of the latest innovations and research in the field of gemmology cannot afford to miss the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Known as the world's No. 1 fine jewellery event, the September Fair is bringing together the most established names in the area of gemmological research and services under one roof, including AGS Laboratories, Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Ltd, DSEF German Gem Lab, Gemological Institute of America, Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd, Guild Gem Laboratories, HRD Antwerp, ICA GemLab Inc, IIDGR (UK) Ltd, International Gemological Institute, Swiss Gemmological Institute – SSEF and The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization), among others. The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT), which was founded last year, is also anticipated to make its mark at the B2B show following its international debut at the 2018 edition of the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

"Today's gemstone buyers are much more informed, more discerning and definitely, more connected. They want to have a better understanding of the current crop of gemmological challenges, and the new innovative approaches to and technological advances in gemstone-testing and field research," according to Celine Lau, Director of Jewellery Fairs at UBM Asia.

"At the September Fair, visitors and exhibitors alike will have direct access to gem labs and their wide range of expert services."

Emeralds, rubies and diamonds

One of the interesting events that will be held parallel to the September Fair is GIA's signature educational event, GIA GemFest Asia 2018.

On September 13 (11:30am-12:30pm), GIA Field Gemologist Wim Vertriest will deliver a presentation on "Ethiopia: A New Source Of Sapphires And Emeralds" at the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE, Meeting Room 201A). Vertriest will discuss the trading, mining, geology and identification challenges of these newly discovered coloured stone sources, according to the gem lab, noting that GIA field and lab gemmologists were among the first to investigate new Ethiopian sources of sapphires and emeralds as they entered Asian markets.

The Natural Color Diamond Association is highlighting the latest developments on fancy colour diamonds at a seminar also slated for September 13 (2pm – 3:30pm) at the AWE (Meeting Room 201A).

On September 15 (9am-10:30am), John King, Chief Quality Officer at the GIA Laboratory, will give a talk on "The Unique World Of Coloured Diamonds," and Vertriest will deliver a lecture on "'Low-temperature' Treatment On Mozambican Ruby." Both presentations will be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC, Meeting Room S421).

King, a noted colour diamond expert, will discuss the continued allure of colour diamonds; the relationship between beauty, rarity and the sustained growth in their value; and offer an overview of colour diamond activity at GIA.

For his part, Vertriest will explain how careful observation of inclusions and spectroscopic data have the potential to reveal indications of difficult-to-detect low-temperature treatment on Mozambican rubies.

Meanwhile, the GIA Show Service Laboratory will offer onsite services including GIA Identification Reports for ruby, sapphire, emerald and all other gem materials.

Gemmological knowledge

DANAT is raring to introduce its services to the gemstone and jewellery industry during the September Fair.

"The June Fair was DANAT's first official participation in an international exhibition. We have set a personal benchmark, which is something the trade now expects from DANAT in all future participations," DANAT CEO Kenneth Scarratt says. "For the September Fair, we will build upon that and provide on-site testing for pearls, gemstones and jewellery items. We will be hosting lectures presented by DANAT's Field Gemmologists highlighting recent gemmological expeditions, and we will also be showcasing items of jewellery, which we believe will be a big attraction."


Gübelin Gem Lab

Meanwhile, the Gemmological Association of Hong Kong (GAHK) says it is co-organising the "Launching Of Standard Methods For Testing Fei Cui For Hong Kong – Chinese Version And Academic Conference Of GAHK 2018 – Coloured Gemstones" with world-renowned experts on September 15 (2pm-6pm) at the HKCEC (Meeting Rooms S224 and S225).

One of GAHK's featured speakers is Dr. Michael Krzemnicki, director of SSEF. His presentation will focus on the theme, "On The Trail Of New Gem Deposits: Exciting For The Trade But Challenging For Gem Labs."

Ruby and sapphire expert Richard Hughes of Gem-A ("Seeing Red: A Passionate Guide to Ruby") and Dr. Daniel Nyfeler of Gübelin Gem Lab ("Provenance Proof: Technologies For Physical And Digital Tracing Of Gemstones") are also among GAHK's key presenters.

In addition to conducting a seminar at the September Fair, GAHK will display its membership services at the show, which revolve around the academic and gemmological theme of "diamonds."

"The September Fair, being the world's number one fine jewellery event, provides an effective and prestigious platform for GAHK to achieve its aims and objectives while facilitating contact with members and its international counterparts," GAHK Director Christine Rain Chu says.



Also on September 15 (2pm-4:30pm), the National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) will host the NGTC Jade Forum at the HKCEC (Meeting Room S221). The sessions will be led by Li Bosheng ("Chinese Jade Culture"), Lu Taijin ("Jade Resources and Research Activities Under The 'Belt and Road' Initiative"), Han Wen ("Recent Advances In Jadeite Identification"), Zhang Yong ("Formation Of Nephrite And Identification Challenges") and Zhou Danyi ("Interpretation of National Standard – Quartzrose Jade – Classification and Nomenclature").

On September 16 (9am-1pm), the Gübelin Academy will host a seminar and a student graduation ceremony marking the Academy's fifth anniversary at the HKCEC (Meeting Room S228). The event will be led by Gübelin Academy Managing Director Helen Molesworth.

The Gemmological Institute, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) will feature three speakers in its conference scheduled for September 16 (2:30pm-5:30pm) at the HKCEC (Meeting Room S225). The speakers are Dr. Juzi Li ("Research On Strengthening Fine Gold"), Professors Zhou Qishen and Zhang Pengfei ("Jewellery Management Studies: Research Of Jewellery Industry"), and Liang Hao ("Creative Design Based on Precious Metal Laser 3D Printing").

Guild Gem Laboratories will focus on ruby, the "King" of gemstones, at a symposium scheduled for September 16 (3pm-7pm) at the HKCEC (Meeting Rooms S226-227). Revolving around the topic, "Research And Development Trends Of The New Ruby Mine," the seminar will feature Andy Lucas, Chief Field Gemologist and Gemology Educator at Guild Gem Laboratories; Gaston Giuliani, Director of the French National Research Center; and Shirley Zhang, founder of her eponymous jewellery brand – Shirley Zhang – The Art Jewelry.

To view our full schedule of events and for schedule updates, check out the September Fair's events calendar.

Andy Lucas of Guild Gem Laboratories

Li Bosheng will deliver a presentation at NGTC's Jade Forum

'One Show, Two Venues'

The pioneer of the "One Show, Two Venues" format – wherein exhibits are grouped by product category for easier navigation – the September Fair will host more than 3,700 exhibitors from close to 60 countries and regions in two world-class venues – the AWE and the HKCEC. Spanning an exhibition area of more than 135,000 square metres, exhibits are grouped by product category and are tailored to buyers' purchasing needs.

Diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls – all the precious materials that a jeweller needs – will be showcased at AWE from September 12 to 16. This section of the fair is home to the world's biggest Diamond Pavilion, Asia's largest gemstone marketplace and the region's leading pearl trading platform.

A glittery array of finished jewellery collections, and packaging, tools, equipment and industry-related technologies will be presented at the HKCEC from September 14 to 18.

To catch a glimpse of some of the latest jewellery collections, gemstone inventories and technologies that will be featured at the September Fair, check out our Hot Product Picks.