Alex Popov
Parthiban Murugaiyan
Singapore-based diamond and gold jewellery retailer Luvenus Jewellery Pte Ltd. and the World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM),a non-for-profit organisation established in 2012 by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), have signed an accreditation agreement that secures the status ofLuvenus Jewellery as the island's first retail jeweller to join the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer (ADD) programme.

"Singapore is a phenomenal place for jewellers, a micro-cosmos where many millions of people from all over the world - locals, expats and countless tourists - and from all walks of life make up a unique consumer profile," Parthiban Murugaiyan, Managing Director of Luvenus Jewellery Pte Ltd. said. "That being said, it also means that our consumers are well informed, critical and demanding. By joining the WDM ADD programme and by displaying the WDM ADD seal in four of our retail shops, we enhance consumer confidence in our diamonds and diamond jewellery products and offer yet another impetus for better service and higher sales of diamonds and diamond jewellery to our target audiences at our Luvenus Jewellery branches!" Murugaiyan added.

"Singapore is a unique crossroads and a true nerve centre for business on our globe and the accreditation of Luvenus Jewellery is a milestone event," Popov stated. "For the WDM, the Luvenus Jewellery shops will be flagship operations that will carry the WDM ADD seal and banner with pride and with the knowledge that the Luvenus Jewellery brand was the first to join and implement our programmes in their market."

Suresh Hathiramani, a multiple, former president of the Diamond Exchange of Singapore(DES) and a Founding Board Member of the World Diamond Mark Foundation, said: "DES President Reuben Khafi and the board are very pleased to welcome Luvenus Jewelery to the WDM Add programme. We look forward to show that by being part of the WDM, retail jewellers can tap into the vertically integrated network of WFDB-affiliated diamond bourses. With the DES right on location, we hope to set a 'brilliant' example!"