In a stunning result, billionaire businessman Donald Trump beat Iron Lady Hillary Clinton with a comfortable margin to take the highest position in White House. In a bitter and sweet one and half year long campaign, Donald Trump asserted on employment opportunities, immigrations laws and above all an ‘America’ that every citizen of the country has dreamt of. If all of his election mandates have to come true, the United States will once again become the envy of each and every nation. This will inevitably change the demography and psychography of every American especially when it comes to their purchasing pattern and is definitely good news for the various global economies that will partner with the US.

The gems and jewellery sector in the US that has been ailing for sometime is in for a robust Holiday season as the celebrations of the new President elect will reach each and every household during the fag end of the year. New beginnings with newer aspirations will ring in a brand new year for the US citizens and Year 2017 onwards is the way ahead for the largest of consumer economies in the world. It is indeed celebration time!!