Poland is a true power in jewellery production, especially when comes to amber products. That's why national stand of Poland will be present at one of the leading trade shows in the Asian industry taking place at Hongkong Convention&Exhibition Centre. Polish share in the global market is estimated to be nearly 70%. The majority of the EUR 200 million worth of jewellery production is intend for export. Polish jewellery is sold to ca. 80 countries worldwide, mainly to Asia, the USA and European Union.

Amber and jewellery

Amber - one of the symbols of Poland has been used by people for thousands of years, from the stone age. Baltic amber found on the coast of the Baltic Sea is famous of the most beautiful colors as well as magic and health properties. Thousands of years ago, it was one of the most desirable goods transported through the old amber and silk routes, connecting Europe with Asia. Baltic Amber, called Baltic Gold, was shaped by 40milion years.

Nowadays the Polish jewellery and amber industry is a branch of high innovativeness. It combines new industrial technologies with traditional craftsmanship, old techniques and manual work of skilled craftsmen. Production takes place on highly advanced devices and machine, more often designed and produced in Poland. Contemporary Polish design breaks the stereotype of unbranded inexpensive jewellery of a souvenir character. Today amber jewellery is one of the most recognizable products associated with Poland, which means that amber-decorated items are one of the most-ordered gifts for foreign guests. In China, the adjective "Polish" is of high quality, both used in amber jewellery as well as the quality of workmanship and design.

There are over 1000 companies in Poland producing silver and gold jewellery with amber. They are located mainly in the region of GdaƄsk. Their strength of Polish jewellery market is flexibility, creativity in design, following fashion trends and implementing them in the segment of jewellery. Poland is the third producer of silver and gold jewellery in Europe and the first in the production of amber jewellery.

National Stand is part of Promotion of Polish economy based on Polish brands - Polish Economy Brand project realized by Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The aim is to promote priority sectors of Polish economy abroad. It gives Polish companies huge opportunities for entering the markets that they could not penetrate - in far Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas.

Poland is located in the centre of Europe, and it is the 6th largest country in the European Union with ca. 38.5 million inhabitants. Strategic location in Europe and being part of trans-European transportation corridor makes it convenient for developing business. Poland's stable economic situation and rapidly growing internal market create possibilities for new investors. Companies entering Polish market can expect an investment support such as local tax reliefs, government grants, EU grants for R&D or facilitators on central & local level.