STATEMENT: AWDC Pleas For Multiple Rough Verification Points Outside The EU

At AWDC, we strive for a transparent and sustainable diamond industry worldwide and we put the utmost importance to the highest ethical standards. This has been our position for years and will be for a long time to come, it is inherently linked to our DNA. We are fully aligned with the G7’s decision to implement an effective ban on Russian diamonds and stop these diamonds from entering the G7 and EU market. That is why we absolutely believe that we must work towards a solid verification system, underpinned by traceability, that is workable for all parties involved. However, as an industry organization, representing and defending the interests of the diamond industry, we also feel we must ensure that the trade of non-sanctioned goods is not disrupted.

At this moment in time, conversations on G7 and EU level, with AWDC acting as industry representative and expert, about the further implementation of the G7 measures are continuing. During these conversations, as AWDC, we are pro-actively advocating for the implementation of one or more additional rough verification points outside the G7. We believe this is a necessary step in the further development towards a control system that meets the interest of all stakeholders involved, in particular those of African producing countries. The conversations are progressing constructively, and we all are working towards an effective and efficient control system with focus on sanctioned goods. That is why we hope all other G7 and EU parties will support our call to explore opportunities to set up rough verification points outside the G7/EU.

Apart from our plea for possibilities for verification outside of the G7/EU, AWDC is also working towards ensuring a smooth transition towards the implementation of a fully-fledged traceability system, when the so-called sunrise period comes to an end. Our primary objective is to enable the industry to adapt to the new reality of traceability, avoiding that our stakeholders get overwhelmed by an abrupt transition towards this kind of traceability system. We are confident that we are supported by political stakeholders in this vision, as we are all working towards a common objective of optimal collaboration, transparency and efficiency.