ine finalists of this year’s Sri Lanka Jewellery Design Awards now vie for the post of being the chosen Jewellery Designer of the year for 2015 at four different categories, a competition which is fast becoming one of the most prestigious and important jewellery events in Sri Lanka.

Organized by the Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association, the competition was held in two-fold, under the theme of “A new Sri Lankan style” for local participants and “Exotic Sri Lankan Blue Sapphiresb ”for the international participants.

Chairman of the Committee Mr. Sellakumar Kandasamy commented that “The awards honour outstanding work and applaud the most innovative jewellery designs. With Sri Lanka set to host the 25th anniversary edition of FACETS, the award certainly encapsulates what Sri Lanka has to offer in the form of these gorgeous statement pieces.”

This year’s awards saw 27 local and 21 international applications yielding a final shortlist of 9. The selected local semi-finalists went through a mentoring program by the Academy of Design (AOD). During the mentoring program, finalists met with lecturers at the Academy who advised them on the finer points of jewellery design. The judging panel comprised of eminent industry experts from various fields of art, architecture and design. KPMG was also part of the whole process to ensure that the integrity and credibility of the awards was maintained.

The local finalists include Thamira Sajeewa Thotagamuwa, Priyanthie Dammika Kariyawasam, Chathurika Madushani Jayasinghe, Chamini Sajeeva Dasanayake, Achini Indika and Lakisha Weerakoon.

For the first time, the awards also opened up the opportunity for foreign jewellery design enthusiasts to send in their designs. The international segment asked to skillfully use the Blue Sapphire as a primary piece of gemstone. Out of 26 designs, three finalists were chosen; they include Kevin Susanto Ngo from Singapore, Zhang Yee Jing from Malaysia and Dhillon Harleen Kaur from India. With creativity and design being at the heart of the 2015 Awards, the Export Development Board which plays a prominent role in promoting, developing and recognising industry talent said that innovation is the cornerstone of the sector.

“When it comes to precious gemstones, the value addition of it would be in jewelry. For a long time,Sri Lankan jewelry designers have been catering to the international retailers and market but the design segment locally is largely underdeveloped,” said Mr. Bandula Egodage, Chairman & Chief Executive of the EDB. “It is here that the EDB would like to maximize resources and opportunities to provide artisans an opportunity to gain international exposure whilst uplifting the local gem and jewelry sector.” He also added the EDB has provided the opportunity for local jewellery manufactures to showcase their products at the SME Pavilion since 1991.

Last year, students of the University of Moratuwa were given the opportunity to present their creations. This year the Sri Lanka College of Technology will be given a free space at the designer corner at the EDB pavilion. This year’s awards are sponsored by A M A Careem Jewellers, Colombo Jewellery Stores, Devi Jewellers, Lalitha Jewellery Mart Pvt Ltd, Ravi Jewellers, Sifani Jewellers, Unique Jewellers Wellawatta Nithyakalyani Jewellers.

ith few days to go before the launch of FACETS Sri Lanka 2015, the annual International Gem and Jewellery show, organizers proudly announced that all booths have been sold out with many exhibitors on the waiting list. “We are expecting over a 10,000 foot fall this year throughout the four days of the exhibition. A large number of buyers from China have confirmed whilst over 100 international buyer delegation are expected to attend the show from China, India, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Russia, Norway and Germany,” said Juzar Adamaly, Chairman of FACETS Sri Lanka. FACETS is also marking a milestone this year when it commemorates the 25th Silver Jubilee anniversary of the show. The show will take centre stage at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre from 3rd to 6th September.

New themed pavilions

A value addition to the event this year is the theme pavilions with three new ones - namely, machinery/accessories, service and laboratories. At FACETS Sri Lanka 2015 this year individual exhibitor pavilions will be hosted by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA) and an SME pavilion from the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB). “These moves are encouraging and a positive sign with the entire industry as it targets US$ 1 billion export revenue by 2016,” he said. The NGJA will also be providing free Gem testing and assaying facilities at the event.

Spotlight on SME

Over 50 small and medium enterprises are also tipped to take part in FACETS Sri Lanka 2015. "FACETS 2015 not only provides ample opportunity for local businesses to showcase their capabilities to participating delegations / buyers from around the world, but also creates strong networking, knowledge sharing and skill enhancing opportunities for the SME sector enterprises. Local manufacturers will be able to acquire knowledge on technology, process, best practices and the importance of maintaining industry quality standards right throughout the event".

He added that the SME sector plays a vital role within the entire gem and jewellery industry. “We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the continuous support by the National Gem and Jewellery Association and the Export Development Board throughout all our initiatives locally and internationally”.

Knowledge sharing

FACETS 2015 will also include a comprehensive seminar program during the show at the BMICH which will be conducted by local and international subject experts. A networking session with the international delegates is also organized for the 4th of September at the Cinnamon Lakeside to further create business collaboration with the visiting international delegation. This will be coupled with the 25th anniversary gala dinner and award ceremony.

Increasing international profile

In a bid to increase its international profile, producers and wholesalers from the other gemstone producing countries in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Russia and India exhibit their gemstone at the show, along with a sizable number of local exhibitors. The event also attracts a large number of influential individual trade buyers & visitors from around the world,” said Juzar Adamaly, Chairman, FACETS Sri Lanka. All booths and venue branding will take on a whole new importance at this year’s event. Meanwhile extensive promotions are being carried out in Hong Kong and various cities in China and USA in order to attract exclusive buyers to the show.

remium quality precious stones, exceptional designs and unique pieces will be featured at FACETS Gem and Jewellery fair when the 25th anniversary edition opens from 3rd to 6th in September this year.

Organizers expect a footfall of 10 000, which will be the largest the fair has witnessed its 25 years. “Visiting FACETS is looked at by buyers as a profitable step to grow their business. The show is compact enough to fully explore sourcing opportunities and with a large number of new participants, it is the ideal platform to network with contacts,” said Juzar Adamaly, Chairman of FACETS Sri Lanka.

He added that ever growing number of participants from manufacturers, retailers, designers, artisans; wholesalers to buyers accompanied with the value added trade show have created a unique business marketplace.

“The increasing number of exhibitors in one of the fastest growing markets inregions makes for a jewelers dream and a buyers paradise,” said Ziqufi Ismail, Secretary of SLGJA.

“There is no finer place to buy gemstones and fine Jewellery than here, from the source.” FACETS Sri Lanka continues to attract key players from the Gem and Jewellery industry. Extensive promotions as in the past were carried out in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tucson, China and Dubai in order to attract exclusive and high-profile buyers, whose interest is in the purchase of precious and semi-precious stones.

All 150 booths at FACETS were sold out two months before the commencement of the fair. “That is a testament to the fact that there is a huge demand at FACETS, for both manufactures to showcase their precious stones and for buyers to seal a deal.” He added.

All booths and venue branding will take on a whole new importance at this year’s event which will add luster. Formorein formation on the show visit www.facetssrilanka.com

Sri Lanka’s premier gem & jewelry exporter unveils large, rare gemstones

ri Lanka’s vibrant gem and jewelry industry has many companies operating at the highest level. With tourist arrivals to the country continuing to show a healthy growth and the demand in the Chinese market portraying an upward trend, the top players in the island nation’s gem &jewelry industry is faced with new opportunities to grow and expand their business reach while also focusing on maintaining the high quality standards in gem and jewelry Sri Lanka is known across the world for. ZAM Gems (Private) Limited is one such organization that has established itself as a world-class gem &jewelry exporter. ZAM Gems was incorporated in Sri Lanka as a limited liability company in the year 1976.

Having completed almost 40 years in the gem and jewelry business, ZAM Gems is today the market leader in the foreign currency sales of gems and jewelry in Sri Lanka and exports to countries such as Japan, USA , Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and China. Their Head Office in Colombo and branch office in the hill capital Kandy are equipped with Gem Laboratories, Lapidaries and a Jewelry factory.

“We design, manufacture and market our own exclusive gem and jewelry collection because the ZAM Gems brand has by now successfully penetrated markets across the world, while retaining our eminent position as jewelers to royalty, high society and celebrities as well as those that appreciate the finest standards of dazzling craftsmanship in gem and jewelry,” stated Mr. Ashan Refai - Managing Director of ZAM Gems.

“We are what legends are made of. Our Vision has always been to enchant and build life long relationships with customers by offering a range of gems and jewels beyond compare, for all occasions,” he added. While jewelry craft and gemology have always been a passion for the ZAM's and besides being renowned the world over for fine jewelry and magnificent gems, over the years the organization has been able to acquire some of the largest and rarest gemstones found in Sri Lanka.

Among them, the most outstanding acquisition is the 201.16 carat cat’s-eye chrysoberyl. Certified by the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, this greenish-brown cat’s-eye chrysoberyl possesses extraordinary characteristics. It exhibits a highly impressive size and weight, combined with an attractive cat'seye effect and an excellent purity. The cat's-eye effect, also known as chatoyancy, is an internal reflection on tiny, sub-microscopic parallel fibres within the stone, thus contributing to the beauty of the chrysoberyl.

The other notable gemstone is the 99.90 carat cat’s-eye alexandrite chrysoberyl. Certified by the both the Swiss Gemmological Institute and the Gubelin Gem Lab, also of Switzerland, this chrysoberyl appears brownish-green in daylight or fluorescent light but when viewed under incandescent light, it displays a reddish brown colour. The report states that such a combination of high clarity and exceptional size in a cat's-eye alexandrite is very rare.

The company is also in possession of a 54.745 and 105.90 carat cat'seye chrysoberyl that is brownish yellow in color, boasting of a distinct cat'se eye effect (chatoyancy) while they also owned a 43 carat alexandrite which is today in a museum.

“Through our longs tanding contacts within the gem mining industry in Sri Lanka, we are able to source someof the most exceptional gemstones this country, and maybe the world, has ever seen. We are in no hurry to sell these pieces as these are once-in-a-lifetime gemstones that bring immense pride and joy to the company,” added Mr. Refai.

He further stated, “Each Ceylon Gem is unique and has personality traits, some more appealing than others. The whiteness or fancy colors, the size, the clarity, the cut, the immortal character, are all factors that contribute to the overall beauty of a stone. But it is the human touch that finally unveils its beauty. In its rough state it hides its true potential value. Also, the historical value of a gem, from its formation to its birth on the earth's surface, and the many lives it has affected, are all intangibles that add to its mystique.”

The company specializes in unheated sapphires that are in great demand the world over for its rarity and quality and in the previous 3 years alone sales have shot up manifold for the massive demand ZAM Gems have in China. All these precious stones are backed by an international guarantee and a quality certificate. All ZAM Gems sales personnel are all trained in Gemology and Jewelry Designing. The customers will find their guidance of immense value in choosing jewelry catering to their individual tastes.

A Director, in keeping with the policy that "customers are our best teachers", personally attends to all customer comments, suggestions and complaints. Money back guarantee without any questions asked is another feature that inspires confidence in their customers and makes doing business with ZAM Gems an absolute pleasure.

Such devotion to the highest quality and customer service standards is one of the many reasons why ZAM Gems keeps on winning prestigious awards on a yearly basis. Last year, the National Chamber of Exporters presented the Gold Award for “Extra Large Category for Precious Stones and Jewelry” and the Gold Award for the “Most Outstanding Exporter for Precious Stones and Jewelry” for the third consecutive year to ZAM Gems Limited in the recently concluded “NCE Exports Awards 2014” extravaganza. Several key factors have contributed to drive ZAM Gems to the very top of the highly-competitive industry gem and jewelry industry.

Among these are efficient management, innovative concepts, unique creations & designs and a dedicated and professional staff. Mr. Refai stated, “While these attributes that make us stand out from the competition, I must say that honesty, confidence and trust are the foundation of which our company is built on. ZAM Gems’ pricing policy has been established with the intention of realizing the company’s motto “once a customer – always a customer” and we are proud to place on record the ever increasing percentage of repetitive customers to our showrooms through being leaders in foreign currency sales of gems and jewelry in Sri Lanka,” he added.

ZAM Gems has a several branches in key cities across Sri Lanka and Asia. Their Colombo branches operate out of prominent five-star hotels including the Cinnamon Grand, Colombo Hilton, Cinnamon Lakeside and The Kingsbury. They also have two branches at the Bandaranaike International Airport as well as one each on Peradeniya Road in Kandy and in the Dutch Hospital in Galle. International branches are located in China, Japan, Malaysia and the Maldives.

“Operating showrooms within five star hotels gave us the experience to cater to the demands of various nationalities. These customers don't have much time to spare and this means that we get a limited opportunity to make jewelry according to the customer's individual taste. This shortcoming was overcome by our highly skilled jewel-craftsmen who created designs to suit the variety of clientele. Today, they create unique jewelry designs that will be treasured by our customers for generations to come,” Refai added. Their showrooms at the Cinnamon Grand, Colombo Hilton and Cinnamon Lakeside are gem museums carrying the very best collections of Gems and Jewelry. The company provides employment to over two hundred executives, sales personnel and craftsmen.

Alexandrite Cat’s Eye 99.90 cts

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