Twenty Five years of showcasing Sri Lanka’s unique Gem and Jewellery product to the world, by paving a way to exports for local entrepreneurs, by building strong local and international trade linkages at every level of the industry, by building an international image for our industry and our nation and by bringing the global Gem and Jewellery stage to our doorstep, the achievements and contribution of FACETS SRI LANKA INTERNATIONAL GEM AND JEWELLERY SHOW have been remarkable. Held in September each year, this is the pinnacle event in our industry calendar. This event is the flagship activity of the Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association and has been held annually in Colombo since 1991. FACETS Sri Lanka plays a pivotal role in making Colombo a regional Gem & Jewellery hub and Sri Lanka the “Sapphire Capital of the World”. This year the 26th edition of the show will take place from the 01st to the 04th of September at the country’s premier exhibition and convention Centre , the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre in Colombo. On display will be Sri Lanka’s finest Gems & Jewellery. The Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association (SLGJA), the apex private sector organization representing the interests of all industry sub-sectors from mining to manufacturing, wholesale and retail, organizes the show in partnership with the government’s National Gem and Jewellery Authority and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board.

The FACETS 26th show will accommodate over 200 local and foreign exhibitors showcasing their Gem and Jewellery products. Furthermore, Over 10,000 visitors are expected to visit the show including a large number of high-profile and influential buyers from around the world. An exclusive feature at this year’s show will be the especially established “Premier Jewellery Pavilion” which focuses to high-profile buyers. Another ‘first” at this year’s event will be the “Gem and Jewellery Mart” where 40 exhibitors will have showcases displaying their products. The objective of this venture is to give an opportunity to the regional gem and jewellery associations and to afford the booth holders who did not obtain the opportunity to display their products in the Main Hall.

The Sri Lankan Gem and Jewellery industry, is one of the most important foreign exchange earners to the local economy and the contribution by FACETS has been immense. The growth of the industry in the past 04 years, which is contributing to the export sector under the non-traditional exports, have been very comprehensive. Another highlighting factor is that for the convenience of foreign buyers visiting the show, the SLGJA in cooperation with the Sri Lanka Customs have initiated a unique hassle-free process, in relation to exporting the gems and jewellery purchased at the show. This process enable non-resident travellers, who are foreign passport holders to take back with them cut and polished precious and semi-precious stones/jewelry purchased from FACETS, in their bona-fide personnel baggage, upon production of purchase receipts issued by authorized dealers. Items should be declared to the Customs, along with the purchase receipts obtained from the dealer. If paid in local currency, the money encashment receipt should be produced. No taxes will be levied for the items purchased. At this year’s show GIA will be operating a mobile gem testing and certification laboratory on site. This will enable the buyers to obtain GIA certification for their gemstone purchases on site.

In order to give the show an international flavour, producers and wholesalers from the main gemstone producing countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Australia are being invited to exhibit their gemstone products at the show. FACETS will showcase a wide range of Sapphires, ranging from blue, pink, padparadscha, purple, yellow, orange and white, from producers and wholesalers from all the main producing areas in the country. Sapphires are a hot seller and consumer demand is growing in most markets. The burgeoning sapphire market has increased demand for sapphire jewelry, especially bridal jewelry and Sri Lanka been the world's top source of sapphires is fully geared to supply the growing demand for this prime gemstone variety. The increased availability of sapphires in Sri Lanka can be contributed to the increased trading activity, with more local dealers traveling the world to purchase quality stones, especially to Madagascar and other sources in the African continent.

FACETS 2016 will depict a whole new professional and international atmosphere. A dazzling array of a greater variety of exquisite gemstones and jewelry, in all its brilliance awaits the discerning visitor to this prestigious international exhibition.