GIA (Gemological Institute of America) now offers origin reporting for alexandrite, adding it to Colored Stone Identification & Origin Report services for ruby, sapphire, emerald, Paraíba tourmaline and red spinel. For more information about GIA colored stone reports and services, including fees, visit GIA.edu/gem-lab-service/colored-stone.

"Offering an alexandrite Identification & Origin Report continues GIA's mission to bring our research-based laboratory services to our clients," said Shane McClure, global director of colored stone services. "This service ultimately benefits the gem and jewelry-buying public by providing reliable reports."

The GIA Identification & Origin Report describes whether the stone is natural or laboratory-grown, identifies the type of gemstone, includes any detectable treatments and offers a research-based opinion on the geographic origin of the stone. The report also contains a detailed description of the gemstone including cut, shape, weight, measurement and color, with a photograph of the gemstone.

GIA also announced that their Retailer Support Program (RSP) – a resource for retailers to help sales staff educate consumers about diamonds, colored stones and pearls, the 4Cs of diamond quality and GIA reports – will soon be offering additional colored stone materials. Beginning Feb. 4, retailers will have access to gemstone counter displays, a birthstone flipchart and brochures about sapphire and ruby. Following soon after will be a brochure on how to understand GIA colored stone reports.