The Gem Color Academy, Gemewizard®'s educational arm, and the Gem Training International of South Africa, run by Alan Lowe, announced today the official signing of a strategic agreement that will enable Gem Training International to offer online and on-site classes of Gem Color Academy's brand new Colored Stones Grading Course in the area of Southern Africa.

Ideal for anyone wishing to develop in buying, selling, auctioning or valuing gems or jewelry, the new course, powered by Gemewizard’s groundbreaking technologies, teaches the grading rules for color, clarity, size, geographical origin, enhancements and other attributes; and demonstrates the techniques and methodology behind them. The pricing system then allows students to calculate the potential effect of each feature on the gem’s current market price via interactive exercises.

Discussing the new collaboration, Gemewizard’s president Menahem Sevdermish said: “Gemewizard could not have asked for a better partner than the Gem Training International, a leader in gemology education in this area of Africa, to collaborate and offer this course. The course provides the participants with online tools, which are not available elsewhere, and with skills to prepare them for a career in the gems and jewelry world. The gained knowledge and experience, which usually demands a few years to attain in the real gem trade, can now be acquired within a few months.”

Gem Training International's CEO, Alan Lowe, concludes that the institute's decision to teach the course was a no brainer for them. “As part of our syllabus update, Gem Training International was looking toward the new types of technologies that will give us an advantage in our industry. The Gem Color Academy's grading system, with its associated Gemewizard’s GemePrice™ system, is the leader in gem grading and pricing education, and therefore, we right away figured out that such collaboration shall upgrade us to new levels.”

The course interface and materials will be presented at the upcoming Jewellex Africa trade show at October 5th to 7th in Johannesburg, South Africa. First courses (online and on-site) will be available at Gem Training International from the beginning of November 2019.