The Jewelry Industry Summit, an open forum on sustainability and responsible sourcing, announced the debut of its updated website: www.jewelryindustrysummit.com, where interested industry members can register and find details on the event. The Summit is taking place at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City from March 11-13, 2016, with an opening reception on the evening of March 10.

Consumers care about where their products are sourced today, there's no longer any question. That means it's important to the future health of all of our businesses," says Lita Asscher, president of Royal Asscher, and a member of the planning committee for the Summit. "And though there are a number of excellent responsible sourcing programs out there, there's never been an industry-wide consensus on what constitutes a vision all stakeholders can support. The Summit is organized to hear all viewpoints, from miners to retailers. It will also include companies representing all products, from diamonds, colored gemstones, and precious metals, to finished jewelry and timepieces."

The Summit will be an interactive, working meeting, with large and small discussion groups assisted by professional facilitators – rather than a full agenda of speakers. This format contrasts with many conferences, in that its central purpose is attendee participation.

"We are interested in hearing from diverse and new voices," says Eric Braunwart, president of Columbia Gem House and Planning Committee member. "We welcome and encourage participation by companies and individual business owners who want to define what responsible sourcing means, become informed about programs that exist, and discuss if supply chain improvements could be made. We want to spread the word that responsible sourcing isn't just about doing good – it's a smart business move, too. Our goal is to align all segments of the industry, from small to large retailers, jewelry makers, and designers, to wholesalers, traders, manufacturers, refiners, cutters, and miners – both in the U.S. and overseas. We will count the Summit a success if we get new commitments to a vision of responsible sourcing that allows all companies to take part and take action."

Also attending the Jewelry Industry Summit will be government representatives, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), consumer and marketing experts, and affiliated service providers such as banks and industry trade associations. Experts on responsible sourcing will be invited to create informative posters on responsible sourcing issues, which will be featured in a posters area of the Summit meeting space. To educate Summit participants before the event, the Summit Planning Committee also prepared a Resources section at its website, http://www.jewelryindustrysummit.com/new-page-3/, detailing existing legal requirements, voluntary standards, association and company practices, and other initiatives in the responsible sourcing field.

The Summit will kick off with a cocktail reception on the evening of Thursday, March 10, and will end at lunch time on Sunday, March 13. A link to registration takes viewers to the website of one of the Summit's sponsors, the JA New York Show, which is handling registration for both events at once.

Summit registration includes free entry and badges to JA New York's spring show, which will also enable badge holders to visit MJSA Expo New York, a show for jewelry makers and designers, and Lueur, an antique jewelry show. All three shows commence on Sunday, March 13 in different parts of the Javits Center in New York City. Summit registration costs $400, with a $50 discount for members of a wide range of industry trade associations. Each association will give its members a promo code to activate the discount. Prospective attendees should confirm with their organizations about the codes before registering. The registration fee includes the cocktail reception on March 10 and all meals during the summit. It also includes an opening day lunch at JA New York. To register, click here: http://www.jewelryindustrysummit.com/new-page-4/

Sponsors of the Jewelry Industry Summit to date include ABN Amro bank; CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation; the JA New York Show; and the World Gold Council. A crowd funding mechanism online also raised money from individuals for the Summit's creation. Additional sponsors are needed to underwrite other costs. Contact Summit Project Manager Barbara Wheat, at barbarawheat@gmail.com, for sponsorship opportunities, or visit http://www.jewelryindustrysummit.com/new-page-73/