The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) or GIT, under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce, and China's National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) jointly promote the collaboration on colored gemstones testing standard for ruby and sapphire through GIT certificate to strengthen the confidence of Thai and Chinese entrepreneurs.

According to GIT, China is one of the world's largest gems and jewelry markets with increasing annual growth. In the first nine months of 2018, Thailand exported USD 243.67 million of gems and jewelry products to China, a 17.99% increase from the same period of 2017. The export value of top three export products including silver jewelry, gold and polished precious stone increased 32.69%, 15.07%and 4.07%, respectively. These three products accounted for more than 89% of the total gems and jewelry export value to China.

"To boost the export of Thailand's gems to China, GIT has signed the collaboration agreement with NGTC to set the colored gemstones standard used for gem and jewelry examination and certification," said MsDuangkamolJiambutr, the director of GIT. "Gems and jewelry certificate by GIT will help increase the confidence of importers and exporters of Thailand's colored gemstones and ease the rejection problem for colored gemstones substandard in color."

GIT and NGTC has completed the comparison of their standards and will extensively promote the standard of ruby and sapphire including Pigeon Blood Red, Royal Blue and Cornflower Blue, which is the first joint project of the two organizations, in order to strengthen the confidence of importers of Thailand's colored gemstones.

Moreover, researchers and academics from GIT and NGTC will work together in other projects including the standard comparison study of other colored gemstones (Peridot, Emerald and Padparadscha) in order to set new standards, which will be later promoted as the universal standard, and set standard guidelines for identifying ruby and sapphire origins