ANGEMTECH - Panjikar Gem Research & Tech Institute, Pune, India had its fourth annual convocation. The Chief Guest at this occasion was Mr. Dusan Simic, of Analytical Gem & Jewellery (AG&J) laboratory, New York.USA. Dusan Simic is known in the international diamond field as an expert on Synthetic Diamonds, especially CVD diamonds.

There were 12 students who received Basic Gemmology certificates, 10 students got Advanced Gemmology, 12 students qualified in Diamond Grading and 6 students got the Diploma certificate of “Professional Gemmologist”.

The program was also attended by 20 students from Aurangabad Deogiri College. Deogiri College has started Bachelor of Vocational Science in gemology. The program began with a detailed power-point presentation organized by PAN-GEMS (Alumni Association) on “Career Avenues in the Field of Gemmology”.

Dr. Jayshree Panjikar, CEO of Pangemtech spoke on how simple mineral crystals like

Mr. William Angula from Namibia receiving his certificate at the hands of Mr. Dusan Simic of AG&J New York

Rock crystal, Rose Quartz, Amethyst found in the Deccan traps can be made into jewellery. Besides, gemology is also associated with fields like crystal healing, tarot card, fengsui, astrology, reiki etc.

The seminar was basically focused on the future in gemology for the students of Deogiri College. On the occasion Mr. Dusan Simic gave a detailed talk on the hot topic of how to identify synthetic diamonds by simple means.

It is now established that CVD synthetic diamonds are slowly flooding the market as the technology to produce the synthetic diamond has developed in leaps and bounds. Three methods were explained: Use of Crossed Polar Filters, Diffused Light technique and UV light with microscope to detect zoned fluorescence. It was indeed a very informative and educative seminar.