Sri Lanka is in the world map Sonce again and this time not because of its cricketing greatness or being blessed with nature’s bounty in terms of flora and fauna, but the scenic and picturesque country is to play host to the 16 th International Color Gemstone Association [ICA] Congress to be held between the 16th and 19th May 2015.

Yes Sri Lankan Gems and Jewellery Industry’s strong history coupled with world’s famous“ Ceylon Sapphire”, for which the country is known across the globe has paved way for one of the most elaborate and magnamious ICA Congress show that the entire Sri Lankan gem industry is aspiring to achieve.

Sri Lankan mining as well as cutting industry has groomed to produce exquisite and exclusive quality gems which is making inroads in the Global Gemstone markets only to mentor a leadership status for the economy in the segment.

Sri Lankan gem industry has also adapted latest in technology and machine tool to make the output globally acclaimed.

Efficient use of CAD, Laser soldering, Metrology, Alloy making technique etc and facilitating collaborative educational programs and skill transfer from leading International institutes has gone along way inboosting indigenous production of the Nation.

Gemstone Mining is an important activity that not only brings out a variety of stones apart from the famous Sri Lankan Sapphire, but also is a major export revenue earner for the economy.

The recent guidelines issued by the government of Sri Lanka of not allowing foreign entities to invest or Mine stones within the territory only goes to show the confidence of the state in its expertise in exploration and mining.

A number of Laboratory and gemmological servicing companies and institutes too work towards buildigan authentic canvass for the Sri Lankan gems to travel across International markets.

The Jewellery Industry of Sri Lanka is constituent of a rich and ancestral heritage which has earned itself an illustrious global recognition and positioning in the global market.

Apart from gemstones the Sri Lankan jewellery industry is also looking towards building a niche in the jewellery segment and successfully promote the ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ brand.

Come May and a large number of gemstone industry members and corporate would descend into the gemstone capital for the ICA Congress showdown.